Company Profile

  Founded in 2012, Chengdu Powerview Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company with original independent intellectual 

property rights, integrating R&D, production, sales as one; it has the image processing ISP chips of the first-generation chips 811, 

second-generation chips 812 and third-generation chips 813 with its own unique algorithms, and developed a series of integrated 

camera core products using ISP chips, mainly used for security video surveillance, sight stabilizing, soldier only, police only 

and other extended products. At present, the company has developed an integrated camera with 28 times Image Stabilizer and global 

exposure exclusive at home and abroad at the world's leading level.

  The company's overall strategies: taking the field of IOT perception technology with the video image as the core, the civil-military 

integration (strategic positioning: a professional, high-quality enterprise taking the security industry as the leading, but also 

strengthening the military products production and R&D) as the development base, products and market (strategic focus: product 

strategy, marketing strategy) as the competition focus, centering on the product value and specific system expanding, constructing 

and optimizing sales channel network, to gradually form a differentiated competitive advantage, establish professional and leading 

(development direction: professional, pioneer, brand image) favorable brand image.

  At the same time, taking the future needs of artificial intelligence as the guide, capturing, cultivating and integrating business 

with related future opportunities (the growth ladder: around the perception, cloud computing and big data application, to generate 

new video solutions combining artificial intelligence), looking for new growth points, timely investing, and building the growth 


  Transforming by the lead of upgrading internal capabilities, gradually building standardized management and control platform, to 

drive the sustainable development of the enterprise with excellent comprehensive management capabilities and management systems.

  On December 26, 2016, the company was approved to be listed on the New Three Board and listed on January 26, 2017. The stock code is: 870533.